Meridee & Keith Danks, Jr. -Grand Forks, ND 2011

In 1926 builders constructed a Tudor Revival house with stucco exterior walls and half timber trim in what is now known as the Near Southside Historic District of Grand Forks. A thatched roof was imitated by using cedar shingles and rolling them to shape curves around the dormers and along the eaves, creating a very charming and picturesque effect.

When Keith and Meridee purchased their home, they knew it needed some work. One day, a neighbor came over to tell them he had seen a squirrel disappear into their roof, and thus began the Danks's efforts to restore this unique feature.

Keith and Meridee credit the success of their project to the excellent guidance of Peg O'Leary - Coordinator of the Grand Forks Historical Preservation Commission - and the State Historical Society of North Dakota - particularly Amy Munson, who guided them through the grant process. "It was initially frustrating to try to find someone who still worked on curved cedar roofs in the Midwest," Meridee shared. "I found no one willing to take on the project in this area." The eventually found a company out of Florida called Cedar Solutions - a family owned and operated business that originated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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