Success Story Award

The Success Story Award brings public attention to irreplaceable historic, architectural, cultural, and archaeological resources in North Dakota that have been successfully saved through preservation, restoration, rehabilitation or renovation. To qualify, a site must be a resource having historical, architectural, cultural, or archaeological significance, and work must have been completed within the last five years. Each year, one project is named Success Story of the Year and is announced at the annual North Dakota Historic Preservation Conference. To nominate a project, please visit our online nomination form. Nominations are due by March 15th. 

Success Story Nominations

Honor Awards

Honor Awards recognize the dedication and passion of people involved in local preservation projects across North Dakota. Nominations are accepted in four categories (see categories below) and can be submitted using the online submission form. Attachments (such as photos) are submitted using the online attachments formNominations are due by April 15th.


Most Endangered Places

There are many ways that our irreplaceable historic architectectural, cultural, and archaeological resources in North Dakota can become "endangered." This list is an advocacy tool that helps draw public attention to these important places and the threats they face, whether its demolition, substantial alteration, or deterioration through neglect and vandalism.

To qualify, a site must be a resource having historic, architectural, cultural, or archaeological significance that is in imminent danger of being lost. Based on the nominations received, the committee selects the top three as the "Most Endangered Places," and uses PND's communications network to advocate for these places. Places selected for the list typically have local grassroots supporters actively working to preserve them. Nominations may be submitted using the online noination form. Nominations are due by June 1.