Established in 2001, the Grassroots Grants Program provides funding for historic preservation projects in North Dakota. Grants generally range from $500 to $5,000 and require a 1:1 cash or in-kind match. Interested eligible organizations should thoroughly read the guidelines and contact us with any questions, as the selection process is very competitive and incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications are due on or before April 1st.

Grass Roots Grant CONDITIONS

Applicants must have legal title to the property or the written permission of the owner to carry out the planned project. The legal property owner will be asked to sign a covenant.

Applicants must be capable of producing proof of non-profit status upon request.

Applicants must be capable of matching the grant amount dollar-for-dollar. Qualifying matching funds include cash and in-kind contributions (i.e. donated labor and/or supplies).In-kind contributions should account for no more than one-half of the total match and must be used in the specific project supported by grant funds, not for work completed prior to the application.

Applications must be postmarked or time-stamped on or before April 15th. Grant recipients will be notified no later than May 17th. A grant may be approved for all or a portion of the amount requested. Projects to be funded may not begin until the grant agreement has been signed and must be completed by September 30th, 2020. An interim report is expected in September of 2019.

Grant funds must be used to accomplish preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation projects of properties meeting the standards established by the National Register of Historic Places and the scope of work must follow the guidelines set forth in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Grant Recipients must include appropriate acknowledgement of PND financial support at the project site and in all printed materials generated for the project.

On-site visits may be scheduled by PND during the term of the project. A final report identifying how the grant funds were used and describing the completed project in comparison with the grant proposal must be filed by November 15th, 2020. An on-site visit will be conducted by PND staff at the completion of the project. Grant funds are distributed as reimbursement upon successful completion of these steps.

A property that benefits from Grassroots Grant funds may not be transferred or sold for the length of the covenant (1 year per $1,000 granted) without the notification and written approval of PND, or the grant funds must be returned.

Any unused funds resulting from incomplete or unacceptable projects may be allocated by PND to other projects that can be completed by September 30th, 2020 or returned to the fund pool for future grant rounds.



Grant Application

click here to download the Grass Roots Grant application: